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The substance misuse disorder continuum of care

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The options laid out above represent a standard path through which people move on their path to recovery. As detailed above, all of these stages can also allow for the use of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). More information about MAT can be found above, or by clicking here.


the stages of change

In general, each of the above stages support support individuals as they move through the stages of behavior change. Each service provides individuals with the skills and tools they need to move to the next step.

It is important to understand that Relapse is considered a part of change. While this can often be disappointing and difficult to accept, relapse can sometimes also provide an opportunity for an individual to learn and improve their chances for lasting abstinence next time.

It is important to be aware that relapse is possible, as individuals coming out of treatment or the criminal justice system for opioids are often at much greater risk for overdose.