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Advocates champions people who face developmental, mental health, addiction, or other life challenges.  Our approach honors individuals' families' needs, wants, and goals.  First, we listen.  Then we work with the people we serve as full partners.  At Advocates, thousands of individuals and families living in Massachusetts find the supports they need to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives.  Currently, Advocates' clinicians are on site at MetroWest HOPE to provide assessment and referral to treatment for those suffered from substance use disorders.

AdCare - For over forty years, AdCare has helped individuals and families struggling with alcohol and drug use… one life at a time.

The AdCare name represents innovation, quality and cost efficiency in alcohol and drug treatment. AdCare’s integrated system of care offers a nationally recognized hospital facility in Worcester, Massachusetts; an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island; and a network of outpatient offices conveniently located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

AdCare embraces a philosophy of quality-driven, patient-centered programs that are also relevant to the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. AdCare’s continuum of treatment levels and modalities enables us to match the needs of the patient with the most appropriate level and cost of care.

We believe that addiction is a disease that affects not only the individual, but his or her family as well. Successful treatment requires placement at the appropriate level of care and involvement of the family throughout the treatment continuum. This treatment philosophy has allowed us to advocate for the patient while remaining responsive to the interests of commercial healthcare companies, Medicare, and other insurers.

Al-Anon is a worldwide organization. We have meetings all over the United States and around the world. As Al-Anon states: “Each Al-Anon Family Group has but one purpose: to help families and friends of alcoholics.” Al-Anon Family Groups of Massachusetts has a website that lists all the meetings in the state.

Avidia Bank provides the best in banking to consumers and businesses and is a proud community partner.  Avidia Bank provides financial support for MetroWest HOPE.

Celebrate Recovery is a Biblical, balanced support group that helps individuals overcome their hurts, hang-ups and habits. It is a Christ-centered recovery program that is forward-looking. It recognizes past pains, (addictions of all kinds, abuse, family issues ), but helps those who have been hurt to move forward in hope. We provide a confidential atmosphere where we can share with one another on a weekly basis. We meet at Grace Baptist Church in Hudson every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:00PM. Join us as we share refreshments, worship, a teaching, and small group discussions.

Hudson YSAP - The foundation of an effective substance use reduction and prevention program is a well-organized and functioning community coalition.  The Hudson YSAP was established in 2012 with supports and representatives from many different sectors of our community.  This partner approach assists the objective in being responsive and effective, and to provide culturally-competent interventions that meet existing and emerging needs in Hudson, as well as ensure a broad exchange of information and increased awareness.

Spectrum Health System -Since the company's founding in 1969, Spectrum has been on the forefront of substance abuse and mental health treatment, helping thousands of individuals overcome addiction to lead satisfying and productive lives. Over the past forty-seven years, Spectrum has become New England's leading addiction treatment provider, providing a continuum of CARF accredited addiction and mental health treatment services.

Spectrum Health System also runs the Recovery Connection in Marlborough.  The Recovery Connection provides a safe, judgment-free zone within the community where individuals support and encourage their peers to lead valued and fulfilled lives through their own vision of recovery. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please call us at (508) 485-0298.

The Addiction Services Program at SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council) component provides group and individual therapy to adults who are experiencing negative consequences due to addiction. Most often the addiction is to alcohol and/or drugs but can also be to other behaviors such as food, gambling or sex. The goal of addiction services is to assist the individual in understanding the purpose the addiction serves in their life, identify the triggers to their addictive pattern and develop coping skills to assist the individual maintain abstinence, and ultimately, thereby improve their quality of life. Although abstinence is the ultimate goal, therapy services are individualized to "meet the person where they are at" in terms of their motivation for change. Engagement and the building and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship with the client are given ultimate importance in the delivery of therapeutic services.

Learn to Cope is a non-profit support network that offers education, resources, peer support and hope for parents and family members coping with a loved one addicted to opiates or other drugs.  We meets bi-weekly at the Hudson Senior Center.  For more information, please visit our website.

Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR) - Our mission is to organize recovering individuals, families and friends into a collective voice to educate the public about the value of recovery from alcohol and other addictions. Vision-MOAR envisions a society where addiction is treated as a significant public health issue and recovery is recognized as valuable to all our communities.

City of Marlborough Substance Use Prevention Coalition - The City of Marlborough has recently organized a Substance Use Prevention Coalition (SUPC) that consists of staff from the Health Department, Police Department, Marlborough Hospital, Marlborough schools, Prana Recovery Centers, the Youth Commission and residents who are committed to educating youth, parents and the community about the dangers of prescription opioid medication use and misuse. The SUPC’s goal is to put effective educational practices to work in the schools and community to prevent use, reduce the misuse and lessen the stigma associated with the disease. of health

Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey provides adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling problems in order to become productive members of society. It is a 15 month recovery program. Contact us at (855) 404-HOPE

With America’s addiction crisis reaching epidemic proportions, RCA Westminster is bringing together America’s leading clinicians, wellness practitioners, and addiction medicine specialists to answer the call in a response to this growing problem that is plaguing you or your loved one, crippling our families and impacting our communities.  By bringing together these professionals with enterprise-level leadership, RCA Westminster will:

  • Use its unique Neighborhood Model to bring learning and positive change to the community
  • Provide ongoing treatment and recovery support for those suffering with this disease
  • Incorporate a holistic approach to treatment, tailoring practices to the whole person, body, mind and soul through the RCA iPlan

RCA Westminster’s location provides a calm, natural, setting to aid you in pursuing the path that moves you towards recovery. RCA Westminster looks to treat you as a whole person, encouraging healing at a neurological, emotional, and spiritual level. Treatment options offered include: meditation, yoga, massage, adventure and recreational therapy, spiritual counseling, and more.

RCA Westminster’s treatment program is designed for lengths of stay from four to six weeks, or even longer in many cases. RCA Westminster prides itself on providing community support, and an array of treatment options that are vital to freeing oneself from active addiction. Our variety of accommodations include single and double occupancy rooms, at-home comforts such as fireplaces and private baths, a multitude of exercise space and equipment, and much more. RCA Westminster understands that the road to healing is a lifelong journey of active wellness, balance and purposeful healing. Our addiction and recovery care providers are li-censed, clinical treatment professionals committed to compassionate, cutting-edge, evidence-based practices shared in a vibrant exchange between you and your clinician. At RCA Westminster you are never the passive recipient of our expertise.

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  • Michael Maglione
  • Hudson High School Class of 2006 in honor of Jonathan Testa